About Us

Ramsdell Design is a small, one-person, two dog design practice in the Cincinnati suburb of Madeira.

When we’re not walking dogs we design books, book covers, logos, brochures and pretty much anything else.

The alpha mammal in the studio is Craig Ramsdell. He’s been working as a graphic designer since 1981. From 1982 to 2000 he worked as a staff designer and senior designer at South-Western Publishing, now called Cengage Publishing. He left in 2000 to start Ramsdell Design in order to spend more time with his pets kids.

Contact Us

Give us a call at 513-793-1134. Or send an email to craig@ramsdelldesign.com.


We mostly work in Adobe InDesign. We also use Adobe Photoshop. And we’re big fans of BBEdit for editing text.

We know enough HTML and CSS to create ebooks and to customize typography in WordPress themes. In 2000 we built the first version of our website from scratch by hand-coding it with BBEdit. But now it’s easier to start with a responsive WordPress theme in order to get a site that looks good on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

We also use Microsoft Word and Excel when we’re forced to, but we grumble about it.


This website was built with WordPress. We used the Twenty Fifteen theme as a starting point and then customized the heck out of it. We used gray for the palette because we didn’t want the site design competing for attention with the colorful work we’re presenting.

Our font is Museo Sans, designed in 2008 by Jos Buivenga. We get it through Adobe’s Typekit service.