Extracting images from Microsoft Word documents

I often get book manuscripts in Microsoft Word that have images placed in the document. Sometimes the author doesn’t have the images as separate image files and I have to use the images in the Word document.

In the version of Word that I’m using on my Mac, right-clicking on an image gives the option to “Save as Picture” – unfortunately it’s not the highest resolution version that’s available.

Luckily there’s a way to get a higher resolution version, but it’s totally unintuitive. I never would have figured it out if it wasn’t for Google. Here are the steps:

Go to “File” > “Save as Web Page”

Select “Format: Web Page (.htm)” and “Save Entire File into HTML”

That will create a folder with a bunch of .png and .jpg files. There should be two versions of each image, one .png and one .jpg. The .jpg file will be the version with the highest resolution.