We’ve been designing ink and paper books for over 30 years and now we’re designing ebooks.

Below are some ebooks that we’ve created. You can download and view them on an iPad or in iBooks on a Mac. They’re not readable on a Kindle, mostly because we don’t have one yet.

All of the epub files passed validation for EPUB 3.0 at validator.idpf.org.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

cover for epub book The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

This book is in the public domain, and we used it to learn the capabilities and constraints of designing ebooks. Because the stories are no longer protected by copyright you can pass our ebook around to friends and family.

Because of all the crimes committed in the book we wanted the cover to be dark and ominous. But we also wanted it to be a bit of a mystery that the reader has to solve.

Download the epub.

Print-to-ebook Conversions

Below are two ink and paper books that we designed. After the books were printed we created ebook versions for our clients.

Because of privacy and copyright concerns the samples that are available here don’t use the actual text from the published books. Instead we’ve substituted lorem ipsum – unreadable, fake Latin placeholder text. You can page through the ebooks, you just can’t make sense of the words.

O Leaf of Mine

cover for epub book O Leaf of Mine by William R. Smithson

We designed the print version of this self-published autobiography. Because the book was meant to be distributed only to friends and family we’ve replaced the author’s real name with a pseudonym.

Download a full lorem ipsum epub.

Never Alone

book cover for Never Alone epub

This is an autobiography of orphan and Viet Nam veteran J.D. Towle. The book is available for purchase, so we’re using the author’s actual name. But throughout the ebook we’ve used lorem ipsum in order to respect the author’s copyright.

The author’s Christian faith is an important part of the book. We bled the title off the top of the cover to imply that the author isn’t alone, that he’s accompanied by God above.

Download a full lorem ipsum epub.